PupThere is this pup among all others who very confidently walks into the house whenever she is bored. She insists on being entertained. We let her in and she runs around haywire inspecting everything that falls on her way. She refuses to respond to any beckons and calls unless a tasty morsel is being offered to her. She looks too busy all the while deciding which object to attack first. Sometimes it is the computer wire, sometimes the broomstick and more often my pair of stilettos. Recently though, she has taken a keen fascination towards the kitchen. She disapproves that it is set off-limits.

Last evening the lil’ one walked in with her brother who was equally ecstatic but didn’t share her enthusiasm for too long. Her brother got impatient in sometime and went back to the street where they play, but she stayed back. Since she was just in time for tea, she shared some muffins and vanilla wafers with us. The only thing missing was a tiny tea-cup and saucer for her. She stuffed in as much as her tiny frame would permit and then promptly settled down for a nap with the last half of the wafer.

Tea TimeOn waking up she demanded she be let out. By this time the ‘Mummy’ was frantically wagging her tail in front of our gate and waiting for her little pup’s return. Without us noticing the little lady had actually slipped out with her last bit of wafer in mouth which she gifted ‘Mummy’ on reunion. She wagged her tiny tail at me, as if to thank me for the tea and slipped out through the wiring on the gate.

I keep feeding and playing with all the stray dogs who stay around my house. Invariably, when a new mummy-dog is giving birth she comes knocking for help and the whole lane helps out. Every new season greets us with tiny little pups. Some grow up and move away and the others disappear after a few days. So long my interaction with them was strictly to feed them and watch them play outside the gate. This little episode touched my heart.

By moon

Mother, marketer, lecturer, advisor, wife, sister and daughter, though I am happiest when I am reading, traveling, writing, singing, cooking or doing craft, doting on my four-legged and two legged babies.

3 thoughts on “The one who came to Tea”
  1. Dogs, any day a better choice than humans. The post made me feel for a moment that my life as a human is much less beautiful than the stray dogs around her house. They’re taken care of by someone who loves them so much……I wish I had that “someone” loving me so much!!!!

    Nevertheless, its good to know there are some people still left in the world who wouldn’t be ignorant towards the stray dogs….and more importantly I feel that not all stray dogs are as fortunate as these little pups. At least they get to sleep off with a vanilla wafer which they can share with their “Mommy”! I don’t want to spoil the post by writing what happens to the unfortunate ones….but all I can wish is people who don’t care for these adorable animals should be met with similar kind of fate, preferably worse…!

    For the person who feeds vanilla wafers to those pups…..when was the last time you gave me anything???? 🙂

  2. The chicken which u made for us in Bangalore was just yummy so iam booking my flight tickets to treat my taste – buds

    what say ???

  3. Good article. Nice domain name. How come you never told me you registered this. I just typed it and it opened up. Accidentally.

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