Woman! One of those mysteries of nature that no man ever claims to understand fully. Papers have been written on it and debates take place continually.

In contrast you don’t find that kind of a complaint coming much from the fairer race. Is it that women don’t want to sound like men? Or is it that women do really understand their men? If that be so, then why are so many girls at a loss when they are faced with questions about their relationships?

Truth is, we hate them but can’t help loving them. They are the bane of our existence yet we cant live without them.

Women make the biggest mistake in thinking they totally understand their men. They forget men really are a race apart from us. There are rules and laws that one needs to follow if they really want to know what goes on inside those heads.

Here are a few pointers that might help in understanding your man better.

  1. Men never grow up. Men remain kids all their life. A part of them never wants to grow up. They will always want the supreme position in your life no matter what. They want the occasional pampering, cuddling and comforting. Don’t think that it means you can rule him or live his life for him or even spoon-feed him. But, give him your time. Be the pillar of strength that he seeks. Be the friend and companion. The one person who never makes him feel lonely. Make sure your concern doesn’t turn into a nag cause they don’t like people who nag but someone with whom they can always be themselves.

  2. Fun is the keyword. Enjoying what they do is their keyword to success. It can either be work or play. If you are one of those who don’t share their man’s interests or can’t bring yourself to accompany him in his passions, he might find it difficult to continue on the relationship. For him, it would mean playing the role of two different people – one for you, another one for himself. That can be stressful. You might love to go dancing every Saturday night, but to make sure your relationship stays a happy one you will have to learn to enjoy Saturday night games. If you can manage to enjoy with him he won’t go looking for others to share his interests.

  3. Men like strong women. Even though delicate girls attract attention its the strong ones that touch the heart. Men need to know the woman in their life has enough strength in them to take care of him and their family. She shouldn’t be the kind of person who can’t handle a little hardship or tends to fall ill every second week. Its not just the physical strength. Men adore women who are mentally strong cause their strength of character is something they can fall back on in times of need. But do not mistake strength for control. If either of you happens to be a control freak that can lead to its own troubles. Just know where to draw the line.

  4. Men like well-dressed women. Women are meant to look good and sizzle men with their grace. Lets face it. Not all of us are good-looking and we can’t do much except for donning the war paint. But, most men prefer the face without makeup. They stare at women who don the pancake wondering why someone would do that. Wearing outfits that flatter you and keeping makeup to the minimum is the best solution here.

  5. Don’t be a nag. A nag-free woman is a virtue that is hard to find. Truth is, no man wants to be told what to do and what not. Men do want to be taken care of and they like their women a wee bit possessive and concerned. But just like everything else women should know where to draw the line – cause stepping over could very well lead to an unhappy relationship.

  6. Men hate high maintenance women. Its true that most men love buying presents for their girl and taking them out for expensive dates or dinner. But don’t make it a habit. Don’t behave like thats all the relationship is about. Sooner or later the guys will take their rose-coloured-glasses off and think they have been taken for a ride even if that wasn’t your intention. Make sure you are not always on the receiving end even though your man insists.

  7. Beware of your moods. Most women have violent mood swings. They go silent for days on end and refuse to speak or behave normally. While it may be “quite obvious” to women, it baffles the men cause they can’t fathom what might have gone so badly wrong. Silence doesn’t speak to men. They do not understand that language. Work at trying to either convey your problems or get over the regular mood swings if you are really serious about your relationship.

  8. Avoid the ex-es. Even though you might want to come clean about your past and want to know all about your man, don’t repeat it. Men neither want to talk about their past relationships nor do they want to know about yours every alternate day. You will just put them off if you go on and on about it. Joking about funny incidents is fine as long as you know your limits and don’t spoil both your moods.

  9. Be friends with ‘Friends’. I know it can be difficult. You may not even like more than half of them. But your man still loves his friends and wouldn’t appreciate you trying to alienate them or keeping him away from them. Throwing tantrums everytime he speaks to them or wants to meet up with them is only going to make him hide it from you. Speak to him if there’s a particular reason not to like them. Let him know your concerns. Listen to what he has to say and believe him. He is old enough to know right from wrong. Let him decide.

  10. Finally, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. To make your man happy and content you need to whip up gourmet delicacies as often as possible. So if you don’t already know how to cook, enroll yourself into a cookery class today. There is nothing that makes a man more happy than good food when he is hungry – and all the more so, if it comes wrapped in love by his girl. You may sometimes wonder whether it is you that he loves or the food that you cook. But trust me there’s not a better feeling than the one which comes from his satisfied smile after a sumptuous meal. Loud, nasty burps (though it might sound gross) are a good indication of it 😀

This is not even the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to know and understand about your partner when you are in a relationship – since each relationship is custom tailored. As of now, this is all that I can offer to help with. The rest I leave to you to figure out for yourself.

If you’ve any valuable pointers to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment. Any nice thoughts will be much appreciated.

By moon

Mother, marketer, lecturer, advisor, wife, sister and daughter, though I am happiest when I am reading, traveling, writing, singing, cooking or doing craft, doting on my four-legged and two legged babies.

7 thoughts on “10 things about the race from Mars: Men!”
  1. Liked the article…but something made me feel you’re writing all that up so you can convince yourself it’s all true. . 😀
    As I grow older, I realise the one thing that matters to me are the questions in my head. When they come from outside, one can shut off..but after a while, they keep buzzing in your own head. And at that time, no matter how well you know your man, or how ‘not nagging’, ‘friends loving’,’pretty dressed up girl’ u want to be…it’s hard.
    Unless ofcourse, women can manage to be without brains, in which case the questioning would cease. 🙂 Long discussion could follow…but let’s leave it for some night, with us girls, no men and a bottle of vodka…:)

  2. The post is just experience talking… doesn’t mean I practice it. I would be a far greater human if I could really do all that.

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