Social NetworksPeople have started locking up their profiles these days. They want to save themselves from the wolves who snoop on other peoples lives. Duplicate profiles and unwanted publicity is a reality in cyber-life.

How long can you save yourself by just locking yourself away from the world? Who are you scared of – strangers or yourself? Why be part of a social networking site if you cannot trust anybody? Are you sure that all the people you have added as friends won’t turn against you one fine day and do all that you are scared of? What will you do then? Who will you blame?

Ages ago when humans could not understand the works of nature and couldn’t save themselves from natural calamities they turned these calamities into God. They worshiped the Sun, the Moon and the Rain. They offered riches to the Wind, the Thunder and the Sea. Did all that really help? Even at this age we suffer from tsunamis, cyclones and earthquakes.

If a calamity has to happen it will happen. They wont forewarn us about a place or time. They won’t think if they are about to hit the richest or the people who die everyday due to poverty. Such is the character of nature.

Locked-up ProfilesPeople are one of the masterpieces of nature. Do you think that a lock on your profile will hold back people who have set their minds from breaking in? May be tomorrow one of your many friends will want to settle a score and strike against you. How long will you live so scared? And if thats how you want to live then why be present in this unsure world of cyber-crimes? Your stalker will have no face, no history, only his vengeance. Who will you fight? Wouldn’t you be better off behind the safe cocoon of barred doors, away from this contraption called computer?

Lets suppose the worst. A close friend with all your information decides to trade you off. What happens to you next? You will be shocked. You will be sad.You may even be sorry that you were betrayed by a so called friend. But will all this really affect you? Will it really change the person you are? Will it make people who really matter care what some unethical backstabber or some stranger has to say about the person they have known and loved for so long? I don’t believe so. Whoever has a change of heart with such incidents are better off away from you.

Then why all this secrecy? Why shun all the people who you could get to know? There is so much to know in this world and so many people you could meet. Locked doors don’t just discourage people they turn away opportunities too. And in a social networking site, I would say locking up is sheer stupidity.

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