Blog ReviewRecently I joined a few blogging networks hoping to meet fellow bloggers with interesting blogs. The first person I met requested that I should review a few blogs and share my opinion with them.

I was appalled at the quality of the blogs he wanted me to review. I am no great writer myself but I know I can write once in a while. The sites I was supposed to review were nothing short of horrible (that is, if I am still being nice to them). I was in a good mind to ask a couple of them to stop writing such utter nonsense in the name of blogging. Then, there were people who made me want to run back to my junior school grammar class. I kept cribbing as to what to write about all those abysmal posts when I stumbled upon this one particular blog.

The blog title said it all – ‘Designed to crash and destined to fly’. Catchy to the core!

Blog address:

The first blog that made me smile in a long while. After a long hard day at college and trying to put my baby to sleep, this one was like a breather of fresh air with those Mentos perks to it – a wonderful departure from those utterly despicable ones which don’t even deserve a comment here.

The author is still in college and from what I understood he is still trying to decide on his career once he moves out of studies. But his writing strikes a chord. He has an honest opinion and he’s is quite the poet.

Keep in mind that I am not much into poetry – so it was his writing skills which got me fascinated. Sarcastic (satiric at times) – yet simple and brief. He speaks from his heart and reminds you of times you may have felt the same way.

The author tried to do his bit by helping teenagers who are depressed and suicidal. His near failure didn’t bog him down. He still continues his good work to pave his way to heaven. God bless him!

His wish-list of Things to do before 30 is almost rib tickling (Sorry pal!). Even his dilemma over the choice of career makes a wonderful read. The article about Beauty Bisected is spoken right from the heart. Touched!

May be you should change the template. Just a suggestion since it was quite a hindrance while reading though the blog.

Its worth every second of your precious time to go through this blog.

By moon

Mother, marketer, lecturer, advisor, wife, sister and daughter, though I am happiest when I am reading, traveling, writing, singing, cooking or doing craft, doting on my four-legged and two legged babies.

3 thoughts on “Blog Review: Designed to crash and destined to fly”
  1. Hi!
    Neat blog! You have kept it well!
    I like the theme and your writing is beautiful!

    And you have done a good job with the review. I should learn from you! I tried blog reviews in a blog of mine, but its not half as professional!

    This boy’s blog is heaven except for the theme 🙂
    Thanks for sharing it!
    And thanks for adding my blog to your network 🙂

  2. things to do before 30 is always good. but it is better to do NOW than wait till you are 29 and then scramble. by the way nice link.

  3. @Ms Cris: Thanx a lot, I try my best, though I get lazy at times or bogged down by work and vanish for a while.

    @Shamim: Oh well! its always the best to do it now… but we last-minute people tend to notice we ll no longer be 20-something when theres only about 365 days left.
    In fact you just jostled me just now into realization and I have less than half a year left.

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