Resolutions are an in thing. Every New Years Eve party I get to hear 100’s of new resolutions being made by acquaintances, friends, and family. When I happen to check back, 90% of the time they would have given up and gone their old ways. Come next 31st night, there would be another 100 more made in a drunken stupor!

A survey found that…

35% of respondents break their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January and only 23% of those surveyed don’t ever break them. Nearly 40% of those surveyed attribute breaking their resolutions to having too many other things to do, while 33% say they are not committed to the resolutions they set.

Phew! Facts and figures never impressed resolution makers. I am no different. I make my share of resolutions, and I don’t even wait for the 31st of December. I break them too, double fast.

I was going over the resolutions I have heard being made and broken within a few days. Me being no exception. Here are a few.

  1. Quit SmokingQuit Smoking: This is the king of all resolutions that are broken within a max of 3 days. I have seen my father, father-in-law, husband, friends everyone go through the same routine. The resolution comes with a date from which it’s going to be history. The last smoking day is also celebrated with great ceremony. Then comes the hard part. Smoking pangs, restlessness and the hand itching towards just-one-smoke-today. Wham! All’s back to square one. I keep trying.
  2. ExerciseExercise: Another one. Me being a culprit too this time. My husband has been getting thicker around the midriff and I need to work off the pregnancy fat. We start walking and continue for 3 days. Then comes the rest period and we never hit the road again. Next we started our regular swims. This time it was for almost a fortnight and then the rain gods interfered. My husband got the perfect excuse. He didn’t want us getting hit by the lightning and I too decided to finish all the pending work instead of taking a risk – so, hey! how about tomorrow? Unfortunately, the tomorrow never came. Friends proudly inform us how they have been walking and running and swimming. By the time we meet again it’s all a thing of the past. Let’s see when we start again. Sigh!
  3. Eat HealthyEat healthy: I try, but in vain. I try to include the maximum number of fruits and veggies in the diet. A couple of days without meat and I have a complaining husband on hand who supposedly feels meat deprived and gets a craving. Ho! We are back on meaty diets. The salads and yogurt and sprouts become more of an occasional diet than a regular one. I hear the same everywhere I go. Its only my mother-in-law who has kept it somewhat simple at home, though she gives up each time her husband and son step in. I still keep trying.
  4. Save MoneySave money: This must be an art or some people just earn so much that they get tired spending and end up stacking. However much we try we find someway of spending all and more by the 20th of the month. I have heard the same story being repeated with most people. I had a feeling its just us or that people lie to us to make us feel good. Someday we shall have to start thinking of the rainy days.
  5. Stick to the BudgetStick to the budget: Well, I try. But supermarkets and shopping malls get the horned-tailed me in a frenzy. If I think of spending a 1000 bucks I have to go armed with a min of 3k to pay the bill and walk out without being caught for shoplifting. I still have to learn how people manage to stick to there little note of things they need and not buy more, cause I invariably remember a dozen things forgot to include. In this aspect me and my husband give each other competition. And I am glad to say we have equally like minded friends and family.
  6. Get organizedGet organized: I read somewhere that we should keep getting rid of all the excess stuff in the house to avid clutter, cause this clutter tends to get into our minds and create more confusion. Hence, more than once I have sat down to throw away all that I don’t require and alas! I never find anything that I think is worth throwing away. Some day I have to make my priorities and get along with this job. What are my priorities again??
  7. Be CoolBe cool: I have a weird habit. I tend to lose my temper about small things and yet stay calm when the rest of the world panics. I still have no clue why I behave the way I do but so far all my resolutions in this field have died a horrible death. I have seen this in a couple of my friends and my mum too. We regret immediately for what we said or did, but by then its too late. I envy all those people who manage to control their wrath so well.
  8. Be nice to peopleBe nice to people: I am. Whoever I deal with everyday end up saying I am nice but I don’t feel I live up to the compliment. Refer back to point 7 for this. My temper makes me say and do things that I have long tried to control, in vain. I go back and apologize and feel terrible about it. I have noticed this in others too. I have to say I am much better than all those people who do not feel any remorse after saying the meanest things. It doesn’t cost much. May be some day I shall overcome this flaw with practice.
  9. Make a DifferenceMake a difference: I always felt I wasn’t born to just live a normal life and die. I want to make my presence felt. Do something that requires doing. There are some many agendas that I can think of even without trying. I don’t know when I will start. When I hear of people doing little kindness, I start wondering when it will be me. Being bogged down by work and daily pressures is an excuse for the weak and I know that’s one thing I am not.
  10. Be HappyBe happy: Sounds like a cliche. But, its my motto in life. I fail miserably at times and then I bounce back. A war wrecked country, a plague infested town and the people still manage a smile. I am so much better off, knock wood. Why is it such a difficult task? I try my level best and spread the word too. Happy people make me happy.

I have learnt one thing from my failed resolutions. Strengthen your conviction by identifying the ‘why’ behind your resolution. This ‘why’ will give you the bigger picture, the values which give you meaning to life. To make your work easier make your goals realistic, write them down, share it with people, track your progress. Reward yourself when you keep your promise. If you slip up start again.

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