Best FriendsIt’s funny how you never feel the difference with some friends. Even if you are seeing them after ages or talking to them after a year, it takes just the initial five minutes to loosen up and start talking. And that means really start talking as in pouring your heart out on matters for some reason you spoke to no one about.

It happens over and over with me. I don’t have too many friends. I know lots of people but the ones I call friends are really special. They are the few people in my hall of fame who always manage to put a smile on my face. Sometimes I may be irritated with them or not in the mood to host them, but after the initial few minutes with them, all the irritation and doubt melts away.

We start talking about the present, the past, the times that were, mutual memories and we drown in a pool of words and laughter, not bound by the gap in time anymore.  No pretensions. No lies. Speaking our minds. Speaking from our hearts.

Best Friends (Yin Yang)The same happened when my cousin arrived a few days back. I was apprehensive to start with. I didn’t know how I would cope with work and home and hosting guests. My mum was a perfect host all her life but then she loved people and that job. All the doubts faded away even before they were 10 minutes old in my little 12th floor apartment. We were the same two kids who played with her toys and gossiped or partied through the night.

The same happened again when I spoke to a friend after 1 year. One who I last met 4 years back. The initial stiffness of fault finding stayed for may be 5 minutes. Soon after we were laughing and pouring our hearts out about all the time we had missed out in each others life. We promised to keep in touch this time but we both know it may be another year. But we’ll still be Best of Friends.

It keeps happening over and over again till I realized it today. That’s why we call some people ‘friends’ and the others ‘Best friends’. Cause regardless of time, place or age we don’t pretend or lie with these people. Cause I am not scared they will judge me for all I have failed at and all the wrong paths I took. Cause I know they will accept me and love me just as I am today. They will love without a question all that is dear to me just because they know its precious to me. That’s why we call them Best Friends.

I am indeed lucky to be able to rattle off names of at least 8 people who are in my Hall of Fame of friendship. And I am luckier cause one of them is my sister and the other my husband. It’s a whole lot more than most people can claim in a lifetime of making new friends and searching for true friends among them.

By moon

Mother, marketer, lecturer, advisor, wife, sister and daughter, though I am happiest when I am reading, traveling, writing, singing, cooking or doing craft, doting on my four-legged and two legged babies.

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