In our busy lives we end up not talking for weeks at a time. Sometimes we talk for a minute and sometimes for hours. Its been ages that we have just lied around and gossiped and giggled. Don’t know when we ll do it again and if it will be anytime soon. But just wanted you to know to us we ll always be the same. Every word of my note to you will always hold true. Here it goes…

The same age
The same age

I remember her like that little doll the first day when she came home and wouldn’t stop crying.
I held her hand on the first day at school and told someone to take care of her.
She was my first playmate, my first best friend.
I have used her as guinea pig in carrying a pillion on a bicycle for the first time and for many other experiments… Someone to be used as a messenger to mom during times of our cold war…

Who poured water on the neighbors head? Who burned up all the paper just for fun? Who did all the crazy things quietly like an angel at work? ME!!! Who got the blame? My baby sis. That’s what sisters are for.

She stole my favorite tops; she wore my new shoes behind my back. She ran away with my new pen and ate up all my chocolates. She gets away with things no friend or family would ever dare to do…just cause she is my sister.

But still she turned to me when she needed someone to defend her or when she needed answers for most of her problems.

We are each others biggest critics. She tells me that I am putting on weight’ and I tell her that her choice of clothes is atrocious. We tease each other about everything we do. So when she does tell me that something is ‘alright’ I know that she is paying me the ultimate compliment.

Two people I love the most
Two people I love the most

With her I can be a famous actress in a Hollywood movie, a rock star and tour the world or be an eminent scientist and save the world. All before breakfast on Sunday Morning!

People listening to us talk feel like absolute outsiders cause they don’t understand a word . We don’t need careful explanations to understand each other. We don’t even need full sentences…

Friendship is a splendid thing. But it involves people who do not know the family jokes, disasters, habits and ridiculous adventures. Not from the inside. But you my oldest friend, enemy, rival, companion and collaborator – u do.

Friends came and went. And Boyfriends. Jobs. Adventures. Beliefs. But there has been a constancy. Our bonding with each other.
Sometimes I dread waking up to a huge crisis – then I cheer up because little sister will be there to give me excellent advice and put the smile back on my face.

We shared parents, home, pets, celebrations, catastrophes, secrets. And the threads of our experience became so interwoven that we are linked. I can never be utterly alone knowing that you share the planet.

She persuades me with her talks and behaviors that she has grown up and learned a lot from life, is wiser now. But then she suddenly does something and I smile and nod cause I see her again: Aged six in disguise.

Now she is all grown up and living her own life… but still I’ll always be around, just in case. ‘Coz she will always be my baby sister even the day she turns 40. Love you sweetheart.

So similar... almost the same
So similar... almost the same

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