Aryan the day after

Is it an year already? Will my little baby really turn 1 so soon? Time has been in a hurry this past year. No wonder I have no clue where the past year vanished. In between cribbing about Mondays and rushing around on all weekdays, hopping between home and work, the weeks went by even before we realized it.

I had spent a lot of time with my first born Adi, since I was not working for almost 6 months after he was born. But that was not the case with Aryan. I remember answering work calls even a few hours after the delivery.  I worked till the week before my delivery and returned to work as soon as he turned 3 months as suddenly it seemed like my work couldn’t live without me anymore. Grannies and then Nannies have been doing mommies job for baby Aryan.

Mommy and Aryan

I missed his first baby words. I missed all those feeds. I missed cuddling him through the day and teaching him to say Mamma and Baba. I missed kissing his pudgy little fists while singing him to sleep.  I was at work when he started calling his Mamma. I was again busy with some work when he picked up the phone and said ‘Heoooo’.

Stealing cream from Aadi’s B’day cake

Aryan adores his big brother. He wants to do everything that Adi does. He wants to jump when Adi is jumping, he eats what Adi is eating, he climbs all over Adi and pulls at his hair and clothes. Adi is not very patient with all this. Well it’s too much to ask of a 3 yr old. Most of the time its like watching cartoon network as one tries to tackle the other.

Yet, when baby crawls away from his designated play area its Adi who runs to catch baby. He tried picking up Aryan a couple of times but failed so instead he himself gets down on all fours in the crawling position, and keeps pushing baby back with his head. Reminds me of the two billy goats fighting on a hilltop!

Both want to sit on the same chair!

Again another time when both had a severe cold Adi decided to clean up baby bro. Aryan was crawling around the house and went behind the couch where his big brother caught up with him. Armed with a tissue, he pinned Aryan to his lap and started cleaning his nose. We were unaware of what was happening till we heard Aryan screaming. Not because he was hurt but because he hates anyone trying to clean his nose. It was hilarious!

Sleeping away peacefully in the middle of a mall

Sometimes Adi picks up his own food and feeds it to Aryan saying ‘eat up, eat up’ all the time, the same way I tell him. The other day I asked Adi to give Aryan a hug. Instead Adi patted Aryan on the head, gave him an approving smile and said ‘baby monkey’. I was shocked for a second but then burst out laughing. Where did that come from? Oh, it’s because I call them both my two little monkeys and Adi seems to have noticed.

Most other times Aryan tries to take away Adi’s toys and food and Adi screams bloody murder. Or Adi yanks the toy Aryan was playing with and he howls inconsolably for the next 5 minutes. The shouting irritates Goofy who pitches in with some synchronized barking to match the pandemonium. This goes on till everything is utter chaos and everyone has to be physically separated and made to quieten down.

Home Alone

My little boy has started to stand up on his own. Both boys realize they have a playmate right at home. Both have started demanding tasty decent meals instead of the mashed up grub they started off with. Tiny eats every time anyone is eating and Aadi takes advantage of that to clean up his plate. When Aryan is refused any more food he turns to Goofy’s plate for a bite. In the meantime Aadi decides thats what Dinosaurs really ate was dogfood and starts feeding them from Goofy’s plate and all three boys end up vying for the same food. Chaos again! Earlier I complained when work got busy but now finally I realize what having my hands full means.

It is one thing to have one kid and spend all your free moments trying to document his every move. And its a totally new ball game when you are trying to survive the onslaught of two kids and a dog. Its tedious! But thank you dear God I did not miss out on this fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


End of the day when my 2 babies sleep peacefully, I look at them and wonder why everything seems so difficult at times. We decided to have them together so that they would be friends like this. It can’t all be nice and sugary.Even though I have missed so much of my two babies lives, when I get home from work every evening I am swamped right at the living room with the 3 of them (not to miss out Goofs my naughty dog here)jumping all over me. It takes me all of 15 minutes sometimes more to extract myself from the huddle to go change.

That’s when I know even though it’s not all hunky dory but it’s absolutely worth it!

By moon

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