Every morning I steel myself to switch on the news. It’s not that the harsh reality of the world doesn’t hit you during noon or night. But the early hours tend to make me even more disappointed and helpless. As I sit sipping the morning cup of wake-up coffee, I keep wishing I could do something, some little thing to make a difference.

A new turn

In the past, I have fed stray dogs and sheltered them on my porch when I could. I have donated money for causes like Soi Cats and Dogs in Bangkok whenever I could spare a few dollars. I adopted an injured stray pup when I myself did not have a stable address and today he is an important family member.

Yet, whatever little I did never seemed enough. Every time I think of throwing lavish parties for the kids or going for a long holiday away from all the madness, I feel a little guilty. I wonder if I really need all that. I wonder if someone could have better use for that money instead of us throwing it away for an evening or a weekend.

I thought for a while about a party for my soon to turn 1 year old. Would he really enjoy it? I know he would love the cake and some yummy food and a couple of toys he can play with while we all lavish our attention on him. But would he enjoy all those people he doesn’t know? May be not. Would he like the noise? Would he like Mommy busy elsewhere because she has to attend to guests all evening? Absolutely not.  Would he even remember his party? Don’t think so.

We might as well do things he will love. Get him a nice and yummy cake. Cook him some of his favorite food. Spend the day playing at the park along with lots of cuddles from Mommy and Daddy. And what do we do with the birthday fund? First we thought of saving it. Then we changed our mind.

Another chance and a second

We plan to buy some new toys, diapers and formula with that fund. Get together all the old baby blankets and baby clothes that don’t fit anymore. Wash and clean all the soft toys and chew toys that are not played with anymore. And take them all to Mercy Centre in Bangkok. It is an orphanage with 200 children. Some of the children are under 1 year but there are children up to 18 years of age. We hope to spend some time with all those children in need of everything, even hugs.

A call for help

I know this is just a drop in the ocean. At this time, with our own responsibilities and endless expenses, this is all we can afford to spare. May be once we start we can carry on in more ways than just this one. Even though it’s not a lot but I know the few smiles we manage to get with our little gesture will be huge motivation to do some more.

By moon

Mother, marketer, lecturer, advisor, wife, sister and daughter, though I am happiest when I am reading, traveling, writing, singing, cooking or doing craft, doting on my four-legged and two legged babies.

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