By Sourjya Sankar Sen

'Me' is something that I wish I could write a lot about. But when it comes to writing I get stuck after the first sentence. So there...I am stuck again. Well let me try my best. I am Indian and love being so. I live in 'the land of smiles' as they call it, ie. Thailand. You already know my interests from above. 70% of me is made out of my interests. The rest of the 30% is not really worth knowing because its more to do with my tantrums and crankiness. I usually get very upset if I dont eat for too long. God save whoever is in front of me then. I live for my support system. That is my family and friends. There have been quite a few ups and downs, just like everyone elses life. But with a support system like mine, nothing bad lasts for too long. I live for the day. I do worry a little at times...but tend to stop doing so pretty soon. I feel sad when I see hatred and malice. I wish people would learn to love a little more easily and let go so they can enjoy themselves. Life is beautiful but too short. No one knows whats round the corner. Love it and Live it. Be happy and without regrets when its time to say goodbye.

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